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2017 NEWS:
I have a bunch of new songs finished and I am working on other new ones. I'm a very busy as father of two little children. I hope to record some of the songs soon and feature them here.

 Frank Tribes' 4 albums (Lean out your Window, Gallery, By All Means, Self-titled debut)

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 Frank Tribes is a singer/songwriter/guitarist based in his lifelong hometown Chicago. For several years prior to going solo in 2001, he was a member of the well established local band Garden Bower, along with childhood friend, Rob Bochnik, a guitarist currently with the Frames. He has released the following albums: self-titled debut in 2002, “By All Means” in 2004, “Gallery” in 2007 and as of July 2010, “Lean Out Your Window.”

  This new album marks the second recording done with Ellis Clark (Kevin Tihista, Le Concorde) done at his studio Angel City.  Frank and his band come in with complete and arranged songs. Ellis directs their recording, refines the sound and even adds vocals and instruments when needed. Sharing similar influences and production ideas, the two work well together as proven with this release and the “Gallery” album.

  Elements of classic pop rock, The Beatles, Syd Barrett, Neil Young and Echo & the Bunnymen are borrowed, yet the songs make their own statement. Well-crafted music, strong melodies and insightful lyrics come together in a unique way. Many lovers of rock music should want to have this album among their collection.

Band Members: Frank Tribes- vocals, guitar   Jerry King- drums, percussion   Jason LaFleur- bass guitar Brian Doyle- guitar & backup vocals    Ellis Clark- guest piano & backup vocals    Engineered and co-produced with Ellis Clark.

Influences: Beatles (My Italian immigrant parents listened to Italian pop music, but my mom loved the Beatles so I heard them a lot as a child. I lost interest in junior high since I preferred metal and hard rock, rediscoverd them as a senior in high school -namely Magical Mystery Tour and Sgt. Peppers. Its pretty obvoius how much they've inspired me. My father saw them in Liverpool as a merchant marine. He said he was annoyed by the screaming girls but I think he was jealous), Echo & the Bunnymen, Neil Young (His voice is unique, some say imperfect, his songs are brilliant), Syd Barrett (I was obsessed with early Pink Floyd, It was so out of the box, even though I discovered this 20 yrs after its release), the Cure (so lush and definitely creates a mood, Robert Smith is a great musician), Love (makes me feel warm & fuzzy, play the "Forever Changes" album for a punk if you want to piss them off), Aerosmith (the "Toys in the Attic" album was how my 7th grade classmates & I discovered how good they are. They really knew how to create an album.) the Nuggets collection (what a great source for garage and psych rock, I discovered so many good bands), the Byrds (from the Dylan influences jangle through all the country rock...which still had Mc Guinn's jangly 12-string), the Kinks (I discovered their catalog in the last few years, very British lyrics, but the songs are remarkably great),  the Who, Big Star, My Bloody Valentine (I saw them at the Aragon Ballroom in Sept. of 2009, great show- its true about how loud they play),  the Make-Up (I saw them years ago at the Fireside Bowl on a Sunday, then Empty Bottle the next day. I was shocked at how good it was, almost like rock 'roll church), Weird War, David Bowie (my good friend Mark took me to see him in Milwaukee and Chicago in 2007, so glad I went),  Radiohead, the Zombies (especially Odessey and Oracle, Ellis Clark turned me on to it), Bee Gees (the early stuff is great, very 60's, amazing vocals), Led Zeppelin (It would frighten you how much I listened to them. My rock music awakening: Rob Bochnik gave me "Four Symbols" on cassette for Christmas, we were both in 7th grade together, I listened to Black Dog and Rock n' Roll seven times, consecutively. I couldn't believe how good it sounded. Jimmy Page is the greatest guitarist -solos, recording ideas, riffs, acoustic playing.), Black Sabbath (Tony Iommi was endless source of super cool riffs), Alice Cooper thanks to Richard Milne of WXRT playing tracks other than the FM hits we all know, I discovered the album "Billion Dollar Babies." It's a f-ing masterpiece! The four albums before it are fabulous too. Its encouraging me to write more ROCK tunes, and play my Gibon SG more because both guitar players used SGs. CCR, the Who, Fleetwood Mac from the early Peter Green line-up through Lindsey & Stevie line up. Danny Kirwan wrote some great stuff like "Bare Trees" and "Sands of Time." Excellent guitar on any album. Meatloaf The "Bat Out of Hell" album mainly. "Two out of Three", "Paradise by the Dashboard Lights" and "For Crying Out Loud" are excellent songs. Definitely takes me to a certain time of my life. J.S. Bach (he wrote the most beautiful melodies hands down, love him), Mozart, Burt Bacharach (slightly cheezy at times, but the arrangements and vocal parts are great),  Caetano Veloso, Vincente Fernandez (his voice is so powerful, he holds the mic a foot way!) George Jones, Hank Williams (the greatest songwriter ever)

Sounds Like: myself, singer/songwriter-60's rock, Neil Young, Beatles, Echo & the Bunnymen, early REM, Danny Kirwan’s Fleetwood Mac, Zombies